13 thoughts on “contact us

  1. What is the genesis of the much talk-about adulterous picture of the married woman on your site? What actually happened and where did the incidence happened? Please, furnish us with details of circumstance surrounding the story and the present situation of the matter. Thank you.

    • I sow this pic In India ,,what really happen and why this beautiful lady is being punishes like this,,,pls stop this type of casting is not fair,,because of God in haven,,the master mind of this Devilish art will one day ask God for forgiveness in prayer one day,,and God will forgive him,,but he can forgive his fellow human being ,,,,please give me details of this nude pic of a thing ok,,,God bless

    • well what i see here is that they have been doing dis 4 long,so i can blame both side the woman his having fun doing that and the guy can not stand it seeing his ex babe with another co -worker doing samething they are doing be4 u no it’s a lesson 4 all

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