A North Carolina-based gay couple claims they were victims of a brutal hate crime that left them bruised and bloodied.

As WSOCTV is reporting, Mark Little and his partner Dustin Martin were vacationing in Asheville when they say they were attacked by two women and a man, who emerged from a passing car, while walking back to their hotel on Sept. 23. Little and Martin say the two women began taunting them with homophobic slurs, including “faggot,” just before the man physically attacked them.

“It’s just so vile…just so hateful,” Little is quoted by the news channel as saying. “It was just so hateful. It’s awful.”

Added Martin: “Hit me and take something. Hit me and steal from me. But don’t hit me just because I like boys.”

A number of local news outlets including WBTV are reporting that Asheville police are still investigating the assault, and that no arrests have been made as of yet. If the suspects are caught, they could be charged with simple assault because sexual orientation and gender identity are not protect classes under North Carolina’s existing hate crime laws.

As Little told WBTV, “I feel like that when the cop first came on the scene he just felt like it was just an ordinary crime, but what had happened is we were hit just because we were gay.”

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(Photo)Married Woman Caught In Bed With Boss

This woman’s husband was said to have begged the man on the bed to employ his wife so they could have money to feed until he could sort out his financial problems. The man accepted after several pleas.

But unfortunately, because her husband no longer has money the woman started disrespecting him and keeping late nights. Acting on a tip off, the husband and his friends caught her live in the act with her boss.

Seriously don’t get what the world is turning into.

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What is Danny Young doing with these Naked ladies ?

Really can’t explain this picture, You know Danny Young the Nigerian music artiste who has gone underground for a while. This photo just surfaced and don’t know if this is a video shoot or strippers he’s probably having fun with, if you know him please ask him what he was doing…. Lol

We got in touch with danny young through a friend who saw the post and asked him about it, and he replied it was him, though he didn’t have any business with the girls, he just came for a video shoot, that was all he answered nothing more
NOTE: this posted was editted 6hrs after,

(GIST)Timaya may drop Young D

Egberipapa1 of Bayelsa, Timaya we gathered has recently gave a very stern warning to his new producer, Young D to either shape up, or ship out.

According to our sources, Timaya had to call Young D to order when the producer released his own song, and the beat turned out to be the exact thing he used in producing Timaya’s “Go Down Low”. 

Delving deeper into the matter, Timaya and others also discovered that the beats Young D had produced for’s “Komagbong” are the very same beats he used for LKT’s “Ma Faraway”.
And that’s why a very pissed off Timaya told Young D to either look into making new sounds and upgrading his production, or they kiss each other goodbye. 

We don’t know about you, but a goodbye kiss – or any other kiss between Timaya and Young D – is not something we’re keen on seeing.

Couple arrested for Having sex in Broad Daylight at Brighton Beach

Holidaymakers were left “disgusted” after a couple unashamedly had loud sex in broad daylight on Brighton Beach.

The incident occurred on the public side of Brighton beach, not far from Brighton pier, right near tourists and children. A passerby, Simon Cummins, said he and his friends were shocked by the scene. It was broad daylight, the nearest families were 10 meters away and there were kids playing nearby. It was disgusting.

The woman and the man didn’t look like they were druggies, or dishevelled, they looked like normal everyday people, except it looked like they were [having sex] on a beach in the middle of the day, Mr. Cummins continued.

At one point a little boy pointed over at the couple and his mum had to haul him off in disgust.
Certainly our present day society have lost its values…..