What is Danny Young doing with these Naked ladies ?

Really can’t explain this picture, You know Danny Young the Nigerian music artiste who has gone underground for a while. This photo just surfaced and don’t know if this is a video shoot or strippers he’s probably having fun with, if you know him please ask him what he was doing…. Lol

We got in touch with danny young through a friend who saw the post and asked him about it, and he replied it was him, though he didn’t have any business with the girls, he just came for a video shoot, that was all he answered nothing more
NOTE: this posted was editted 6hrs after,

10 thoughts on “What is Danny Young doing with these Naked ladies ?

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  2. this is a jst a trick,Danny is doin nothing with thoes naked ladies.but since he not mad of wood somthing might had happend after the fades of the camera

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