Reggie Bush & Kim Kardashian Look-Alike Girlfriend Expecting

Shortly after Kim Kardashian and her football player boyfriend, Reggie Bush, split, he hooked up with a woman who’s a dead ringer for Kim; and now, In Touch Weekly is reporting that Reggie and girlfriend, Lilit Avagyan, are expecting a child!

“She is 100 percent pregnant,” an insider confirms to the magazine. “Reggie’s friends were saying to him, ‘At least you’ll have something to celebrate in 2013!’”

The magazine’s source says the couple, who have been dating for nearly a year, only told a handful of friends about their exciting news as Lilit is only twelve weeks pregnant and is expected to give birth in April.

“She is extremely excited to become a mom, even though it wasn’t planned,” a friend of Reggie’s says. And Reggie feels the same way.  “He’s excited and can’t wait to announce it!”

Kim and Reggie began dating in 2007. Their relationship lasted two years, before the couple ended their romance on July 27, 2009. Two months later, they were back together, before breaking up for good, in late March 2010.


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