Dangote donates N200 million to flood victims in Kogi State

The richest man in Africa, Nigeria’s Aliko Dangote has donated N200 million to victims of flood in Nigeria’s Kogi state.

The donation is made of N50 million food items and N150 million cash, a total of $1,250,000.

The donation is only a part of the assistance Dangote planned to offer the people of the state. In addition, he planned to empower 1,000 women in each of the 21 local councils in the state, for which he has set aside another N230 million. Each woman, will collect a grant of N10,000, about $65 to start petty business.

Dangote said he planned to empower 21,000 women in Kogi by giving them N10, 000 each to enable them start petty businesses.

He said the beneficiaries should be selected on the basis of 1, 000 women per local government, saying he had set aside N230 million for the scheme expected to take off in the next one month.


One thought on “Dangote donates N200 million to flood victims in Kogi State

  1. We should thank Dangote for his generiousity. May God continue to bless him for there are thousands out there that are equally blessed but not generous enough to give. The hand that gives shall never lack. This gift should be tax deductible and the government should reciprocate at least as incentive to others.

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