Earlier we posted about the uniport students that were mobbed for stealing, (click to read full story) yesterday night I saw this video online, how this boys where burnt in broad day light and nothing happened, this is barbaric, people shouldn’t take laws into there hands,




  1. Nau, I dnt want 2 no deir offence, even if dey stole, r dey meant 2 do dis 2 dem, if real armed robbers if dey go 2 rob banks,waeva, n r caught, dey r neva treated dis way, d people d@ did dis, am sayin dis 2day october 13 2012, if u r nt caught, it wud also b done 2 ur children in jesus name AMEN, n it wud also continue even 2 ur generations unborn, dis is wat I call HEARTLESS, wtf, au will u do dis 2 human beings, plz am beggin dis student shud nt die just like d@, dey wud nt rest until justice prevails, I wud love if d police go 2 d community, arrest all elders,chiefs,if dey v a king,arrest d bastard,n evri1, n destroy evrifin in aluu community, it shud neva exist again, den all d ppl arrested shud b burnt alive n also recorded n posted 2 youtube,evriwhere, cos dey r all mad, deir community shud neva exist again

  2. This country is not going through its policy. Why on earth human being should be killed this way. Action has to be taken thats nonsense

  3. I’m nt interested in their offence,what I see is what I know!Who gave those people the right to judge when we have authorities in this country?And all th while it lasted NOBODY could mobilize people to fight for these students?in an area which I ƃΞιіҽѵë students live..No matter what they did,this is wickedness and in all we do we should remember that we’d all die one day and will account for all we did,nobody has a right to judge another if its not your profession!I see unemployment,illiteracy and poverty in this.Justice must prevail,if not it will happen again!

    • if this guys are students a proper investigation should be carried out and all the people that killed this men should be arrested. what are the police doing to this. it may happen to you next.

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