Eyewitness story on murdered UNIPORT students + people’s reaction

Yesterday, the gruesome pictures of UNIPORT students, who were at the time reportedly burnt to death, for stealing phones and laptops, went viral on blogs and social media.

However, there is now an different angle to the story. A friend to an eyewitness, has come out to correct some of the facts that were carried in the reports. Tweeting with the handle @Penny_sugababe, Peniel who apparently stays in Port Harcourt, started by expressing her anger over the fact that many people attached sentiments in their reactions.

“Gosh! So because the criminals that were killed in PH today were cute, people are calling it injustice…Smh.. Nigerians sha”

She eventually recounted the story, as told by her friend.

“For people who need the real gist of what happened in UNIPORT, my friend was an eyewitness, nd she even has a part of the video on her fone. The people in Aluu community complained dey had been terrorized my robbers lately and it was almost a routine so dey set up a vigilante grp

“At about 5am this morning, they got word dat dey were some robbers in d area and they made sure all the exits were blocked while dey waited. They were caught and dragged to d community head who told dem to confess and dey gave 3 different stories that didn’t even match.  They were actually 5, one of them escaped! Dey got info about someone that had some money, it wasn’t laptops and phones please

“Ugonna’s (the cutest) sister said she actually gave him money yesterday to go back home. PS: he’s an only son with 4 sisters

“Anyways, people actually begged for their lives, but the community boys were bent on dealing with dem! These boys had machetes and axes sef.  The community boys started beating then with dia own machetes and other weapons, until dey gave up! Police came afterwards for the bodies

“Llyod (one of the criminals) father works with Radio rivers and even announced on air today that his son is “no thief” and he has never seen

“They chose a wrong path, and dey knew the end…… Did dey expect an angry mob to pat dem on dia backs and give then ice-cream? Oh please

“Good night folks, pray for your loved ones, never to join a wrong crowd or be misguided. The fate of those boys…… It is well.

People did not react well to her tweet_ they even made her delete her twitter.

Check out people reaction below_


7 thoughts on “Eyewitness story on murdered UNIPORT students + people’s reaction

  1. Dats how ur own children wil b killed 4 wat they do not knw abt, u can not escape it, u must recve d punishment of siding evil

  2. Its a shame how we nigerians see issues, am in support with Penny. Let’s all reason this logically, they are robbers. Yes we aint to take the law into our hands but them boys chose their fate by entering the community to rob when they had their choice not too. Would it have bin fair to kill them if reported they killed people during their robbery? Would it not still be taking the law into our hands? Let’s not hide the truth which is, them boys knew what will befall them if they got caught which they did. WATCH THE VIDEO and NOTICE them boys reaction and you all will see.

    • @royce…. He dat has no sin shld cast d 1st stone… If u r witout sin den say dey deserve 2 die buh if u r a sinner, den u also deserve 2 die

  3. Who ever says what the villagers did was wrong, i pray that b4 this week ends u will met them on the way. that serves them right and a very big lesson to other groups. steal is steal little drop of water maker mighty ocean.

    • @ moro… If u can’t give life, den u don’t av d right 2 take it…. Has God taken ur life 4 all d sins u av commited??? U r dere pointin one finger @ dem wen d oda 4 fingers r pointin back @ u…..?

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