Lagos will no longer allow other states’ number plates – says Govt

The Lagos State Government yesterday said it would no longer allow the use of vehicles with number plates from other states of the federation for commercial transportation in the state.

It also advised residents with private vehicles to change to the state’s number plates to reflect the fact that they are living in Lagos.

The Director, Vehicle Inspection Office, Mr, Gbolahan Toriola, said the measure was meant to achieve “sanity, standard, safety and security” as stipulated by the road traffic law.

Toriola spoke at the vehicle inspection safety campaign organised by the Ministry of Transportation in conjunction with the Political and Legislative Bureau for commercial drivers in Ikeja.

He said, “There is nothing wrong in bringing commercial buses from other states. But if you must use it in Lagos, you have to change the colour and re-register it with us so that we have your information in our database.

“This is a standard procedure. As a matter of fact, it you have lived in a state for about three months, you are no longer a visitor and therefore you must change your number plate to reflect the state. It is done in America and other developed nations.

“Of course, this provision did not affect inter-state vehicles carrying passenger from other state. But we don’t expect them to pick or drop passengers at every bus stop. There are dedicated bus stops and parks for inter-state vehicles. If they violate this and we get them, they will face our law.

“You must put waste basket in your buses; there must be first aid box; you must carry extra tyres. These are what our law stipulates.”

The VIO boss who highlighted the provisions of the traffic law, advised them to cooperate with the government to ensure security in the state.

A director in the ministry, Mr. Bola Matanmi, also advised the drivers not to turn themselves to traffic officials, but instead apply to the ministry so that they would be given a Special Marshall status.
He added that the union would be given the privilege to choose the color of the uniform for drivers and conductors.

Special Adviser to the Governor on Political and Legislative Affairs, Mr. Muslim Folami, said the traffic law, which has 43 sections and four schedules was for the interest of Lagosians. He urged the drivers to submit to the law for sanity and safety.

Source: Punch


One thought on “Lagos will no longer allow other states’ number plates – says Govt

  1. Why most we do what is done in other countries? Can’t we be Nigerians and leave our own lifes in peace? Have we thought about people living without homes now that the rain is flooding everywhere without warning? Have we thought about the state of security in the country? You guys are only thinking of yourselves and not the masses.. You should also remember that one day, you will answer to this act of yours. Since you don’t want your fellow humans to be happy, you won’t be happy because the people’s prayers are stronger than your evil tricks………….

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