Ruffman Streetmonk
Ruffman is a reggae/dancehall artist with an hiphop element,a song writter,producer and actor.started his music career has a promising teenager who won literally competitions in d secondary levels n took it a notch futher years later as an adult to emerge tops in a competition precised over by GURU (rip)of the JAZZMATAZZ fame which earned him his first International deal wit spirit rose. RUFFman came out with his first radio hit in 1999 “AJEKAKI NO DEY DIE” which kick started his career n went on to be number one on d nigeria chart for so many months. he has opened up shows for notable international artist like CHAKADEMUS n PLIERS,BEENIE MAN,GURU,KC n JOJO etc..he started a movement called ”STREETMONK”aimed at elevating d common man’s plight n give them hope, came out with a single titled ”STREETLIFE” ft MODE 9 n SILVER SADDIQ from the GHETTO PHILOSHY album which was his first album. became number two on MTV WORLD CHAT XPRESS alongside 50CENT, BLACK EYE PEAs, MADONNA etc. he has also been Nominated along side “LUCKY DUBE” in 2007 in d CHANNEL O MUSIC OF AFRICA AWARD in d best REGGAE/DANCEHALL category. was nominated In d HIPHOP AWARDS category dat same year and AMEN music award. he has worked wit so many notable nigerian artist on there albums like NIGGAR RAW,RIGHTEOUS MAN,ORITS WILIKI,PAUL PLAY,.etc.
Performed at CALABER CARNIVAL,LEKKI SUNSLASH, ROTHMANs GROOVE, da first n second REGGAE CARNIVAL ever in nigeria, etc.he featured on an international nollywood thriller entitled” STREETS OF CALABER” and is currently working on others. is also currently working on his sorphomore album and already out wit a single titled SURVIVOR from it.


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