Only an Igbo president can move Nigeria forward – Ezeife

Former Governor of Anambra State, Dr Chukwuemeka Ezeife means different thing to different people: A dutiful family man; eminent politician, a humanitarian par excellence. He is considered an illustrious son of the soil who will, no doubt, go down in the annals of history.
Age might however, not be on his side in terms of leadership task but the former governor remains a force to reckon with on the Nigeria ‘s political scene.

Ezeife in an interview with Vanguard as part of the Nigeria’s 52 Independence Anniversary affirmed that the solution to Nigeria’s problems lies in the hand of an Ndigbo. He believes that except an Igbo man is given the opportunity to rule Nigeria, the country would remain stunted.

He voiced his conviction thus: It is unfortunate that every year, we have to make this assessment. It appears that every year we are saying the same thing. However, there is something special about this year.
There is a story about the tortoise in Igbo folklore; the tortoise had fallen into a pit of latrine. He was there for many days. However, on the very day the tortoise was to be rescued by some people, he began to
complain and asked those who had come for the rescue operation to hurry up because the smell of the latrine was too much for him. But he was told to be patient since he had managed to endure the stench
inside the pit for so long.

“I wish to state that those who think that they are punishing the Igbos by keeping them out of power are deceiving themselves. It is Nigeria that needs and Igbo President for this country to move
forward. Infact, until Nigeria produces an Igbo man as President, this country is going nowhere. Igbos are number one agents of development wherever they may be. They are known for
transforming their environment.”

“It is not true that Igbos are not united. There is no ethnic nationality which would remain out of power for such a long time without being affected politically. Look at how disunited the North
has become after remaining out of power for such a short time.” He added

Reacting to the recently rejected bill by the House of Representatives, which sought to recognize the geo-political zones, he said: “It is beyond the competence of the National Assembly to deal
with matters Iike that.

“The role of the National Assembly should be to repair the cracks on the wall of the House and not that of rebuilding the house. Rebuilding the House is the responsibility of the owners of the house.It is not for the National Assembly which is part of the structural imbalances we want to correct to dictate the way to go. All the senators and members of House of Representatives emerged from these
manipulated constituencies based on doctored election results. Unless some people want this country to disintegrate, we must open our eyes and act fast. We must not use present advantages at all.”

“Under the present arrangement, the North could kill whatever bill it doesn’t want. We need a National Conference to address Nigeria’s fundamental problems.”
“Nigeria has been moving along the wrong path; we don’t seem to realize that our country is the largest black nation on earth. We don’t seem to also realize that the black man who was number one in
world civilization and development has today become the foot mat of the world. We do not seem to realize the manifest destined for our country which is to restore the dignity of the black race.”
In today’s world you could get military power with economic power.

Nigeria is the country in Africa which can become the super power of the black race. Nigeria has a history which could easily appropriate the credit for whatever success we achieve unlike say South Africa.
This could only be achieved if Nigeria remains a united country.

But if we cannot restructure, develop and unleash the great potentials everybody has identified in Nigeria; if we continue to remain backward and our peers overtake us, then such a country should
cease to exist.
On the high level of insecurity in the country in terms of the activities of Boko Haram in the North and other violent groups in other parts of the country, the former presidential adviser averred
that: “Insecurity is a common problem in several countries of the world. But when you talk about Boko Haram, it has several dimensions.
For instance, those who said they would make the country ungovernable for President Goodluck Jonathan if he won last year’s election have exploited Boko Haram. They had expected that by unleashing violence on the nation, Nigerians would be cowed into submission and ask them to take over power so that there would be peace. There is also the original Boko Haram which wanted to Islamise the entire country.
There are also those who are angry about how Nigeria has been governed and the poverty, illiteracy and disease it has led to and the emergence of the almajiris. However, majority of Nigeria’s past leaders are responsible for the plight of the nation. Even the almajiris from the hands of these people are still talking about power returning to the North in 2015.”


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