(Photo)Girl Bathes Her Boyfriend’s Penis With Acid

This is very disgusting and the height of woman’s inhumanity to man. How on earth could a lady summon the guts to perpetrate this evil on her boyfriend? (See the picture below)

I wonder why people can’t just walk away from an abusive or unfaithful relationship once the signs are obvious that things wont work for both parties. Out of stupidity, a jealous young lady who thinks her boyfriend was cheating on her bathed his private part with acid.

She practically washed his manhood well with the corrosive substance, because from the evidence on the picture, you will know she carefully took time to bath that area.

The young man is currently receiving treatment in the hospital. But it is unclear if he will be able to use his manhood “properly” after this
devilish act. This is too bad!

If you can do this to someone you claim to love_girl i wonder what you will do to your enemies.


9 thoughts on “(Photo)Girl Bathes Her Boyfriend’s Penis With Acid

  1. Some women! When a woman cheats, they will say she is not treated right by her man but when a man cheats they will say it’s because men will be men. Double standard! How come every man willing to cheat gets a woman to cheat with?
    Too bad for this guy! Meanwhile, this lady may have cheated before and was not caught!

  2. We women nd to take tings easy why wil any woman did dis to man there is nt dat is new under the sun. Men wil always be men and we can nt be in the position of a man

  3. Evil in the heart of men happenin under the earth.when u know God and have the fear of God in ur life,Jesus as ur saviour den it well with you and the evil thought stays away from you.

  4. God! This is evil! The girl does not have a male in her clan or lineage am sure,because for a human being to do this;this is the height of jealousy and possessiveness! She should be roasted to death!

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