Chris Brown Gets New Tattoo In Same Spot As Rihanna

Chris Brown’s latest body art is in the SAME exact spot as Rihanna’s tattoo that she got as a tribute to her grandmother! Do YOU think they planned this together? Read on for ALL the details!

Rihanna and Chris Brown appear to be on the same page when it comes to their taste in body art. The 23-year-old hip-hop artist revealed his latest ink — a fighter jet — which is placed in the exact same spot as Rihanna’s under-boob tattoo which she got to honor her late grandmother.

Chris showed off the tat on Instagram on September 10. Chris totally loved RiRi’s tummy tat — which garnered tons of attention because of its placement.

“Chris knows Ri loved her Dolly. He thinks her tat is hot and when he saw it you should have seen his face! I can’t describe it but he was like ‘ooouch, that hurrrrrrrt.’ You had to see his face, though. It was like he was getting inked-up too with her and he felt it through her. They connected like that and sh*t, it’s crazy. But he like the look and know there ain’t no pain that would come between Ri and her Dolly,” a source told us EXCLUSIVELY.

Hmm! It definitely sounds like Chris wanted to get one because of Rihanna! They’re so in love


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