Nigeria’s First Lady Patience Jonathan Rumoured To Have Died In German Hospital

There are unconfirmed reports leaking from some of Aso Rock’s staff with regards to the health of the nation’s first lady, Dr. Mrs. Patience Dame Ebere Jonathan; according to the reports the first lady’s health is getting worse and some other reports claim the first lady might have died since yesterday.

This rumor is further fueled by the president’s hasty departure from his recent state city to the nation of Bostwana,  Jonathan arrived this morning in Gaborone, the capital of Botswana, after a state visit to Malawi. He was scheduled to stay in Botswana untill tomorrow. However, Jonathan hurriedly left for the airport in Gaborone in the middle of a state luncheon. After hopping on a helicopter to visit a mine, he returned to the airport and hurriedly met members of the Nigerian community. He then got on his presidential jet and took off, leaving his ministers and other members of his delegation behind in Botswana.

Our source said that Mr. Jonathan told a few members of the delegation that he was headed back to Abuja. But, according to the source, several members of the president’s entourage suspect he may be headed for Germany to see his wife, Patience Jonathan, who is being admitted at a hospital in Wiesbaden, Germany.

“The president appeared to be in a pensive mood as he left Botswana,” our source said.

I truly hope our mummy and first lady makes it back to Nigeria alive, we as a nation do not need this now. All these reports are getting scary and we have told our correspondences to keep a very close eyes and ear on this high profile case

Credit Nigeria News


10 thoughts on “Nigeria’s First Lady Patience Jonathan Rumoured To Have Died In German Hospital

  1. We have to wait for more news to filter as usual as it is always the Nigerian way. Our health care sector is moribond, so high profile Nigerian go out of the country to seek medical attention. Let the Good Lord preserve her.

  2. Pls. Nigeria is not under a curse, we are Blessed by God, it is a taboo and shameful thing for us to be losing our leaders especially while they are on sit. We lose a lot when things like this happens. We should all pray 4 her quick recovery instead of getting bad news

  3. May God give her good health, she will not die untimely death n may she have the grace of enjoying the fruits of her labour in Jesus name, because the holy bible says the rightous shall not die but live, so I prophesis in to our first lady’s life to live and not die in Jesus name.

  4. My prayer is for this information to be rumour as it has already been classified as “unconfirmed”. Though some Nigerians seem to dislike Dame Patience Jonathan, the First Lady of this country for now, but many of us believe she is doing some good work in support of the President, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan – the husband. My expectation therefore, is that the Almighty God we serve, will not allow this information to be true.

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