‘Cowards in studio booths’ – BY THeVYRus



Nigerian artistes and musicians are bastards and coward!!!
Wait! Wait! Wait! I knw y’all wld say here we go again, he’s up wit his bullshit…but listen!
I miss Fela, Fela Kuti! He is one of my role models…quite fearless! D last musician dat dared smtn cloz to wt Fela did all his life was Edris Abdulkareem n he had it hot n mvd bk to his comfort zone.
Fela was a legend cuz he fought n spoke 4 d masses thru his music, no matter how bad is sounded. But see em bastards these days forming gangsta on videos wit no balls likes of modenine wit d line ‘say it to my face n I’ll knock ur front teeth out’ terry tha rapman ‘if I say I’ll kill u its nt a threat bt a promise’, terry g ‘call me lucifer’ 2face ‘I no dey look uche face’ and many oda lines these guys spit on songs forming big balls n shit. Timaya, nico gravity, kelly handsome n m.I. Greasy talks wit no balls wn d govt shit on our face! Nobody says shit! January GoodLuck increased fuel price, I ddnt hear any song against dat, only flavour’s song telln us to tk hrt, nobody said shit!! Now dey imposing 5000 naira note on us again, n yet nobody’s talkin, instead dey busy tellin us shits like ‘I bad tony montana’ who? Dbanj or naeto c? Sissy modafuckas dat hvnt pulled a trigger b4, talkn shit. Always telln us abt hw dey case women n pop free champagne, who wanna hear bout dat? We got serious issues mayne, n u’ll always mkin stupid songs like ‘tk bannana till u go yoo’ imagine! Cowards n bastards!! Plss sm1 shd go bring fela bk…we need his help nw! I rest my case! And 4 d musicians on my Friends list if u dnt wanna say smtn meaningful on ur songs…dnt be sendin me B.C of links to songs on hw u chykd gals, poped beer bottles n how u’v blown up n still dnt hv a retirement fund…
say wteva u wanna…iv said my piece

#ff him @thevyrus

3 thoughts on “‘Cowards in studio booths’ – BY THeVYRus

  1. Da virus is a very shitty virus who is even full of more muthafukin shit dan dis shitty stars he writes about. He wants d artists 2 show some balls n sing like propa men……if he thinks they are toothless bulldogs….why doesnt he sing somethin meaningful & gutsy himself….am sure he thinks he can do betta than those he calls ball less muthafukkas. besides, he says he wants someone 2 bring fela back…why doesnt he volunteer? All he has to do is die or get himself killed, go to whereeva fela is, persuade the muthafukking old soldier to follow him and bring him back to dis world…….that is a stroll in the park for a real man with hard balls like da virus….isnt it?????…. a beg commot make we see road jare!!!

  2. The vyrus u are making sense…… No be lie….. But rather than complaining… U can be d change…. By making a song on dat by urself or u pay me I ll make d song 4 u and everyone …. The truth need 2 be said rather dan singing shits …. We hv to Wake up to reality … To get this truth heard through music … Money na the problem. ………….who will pay the money??????

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