Rihanna’s Latest Obsession — Her New Purse

Watch out Chris Brown, Rihanna has found her newest love! The pop star has toted a Gucci bag on three different occasions — it must be serious!
Rihanna‘s style is not easily replicated. The pop star is known for her individualistic, edgy taste, but more than anything, she’s known for how often she changes her look. Whether she dies her hair or hits the red carpet in next to nothing, we’re not easily shocked by her drastic changes. Now it seems that she’s done the impossible — found a bag that goes with more than one of her outfits, and she loves rewearing it!

Rihanna has been spotted on multiple occasions, (and in multiple outfits), carrying a Gucci USA GG Flag Collection Boston Bag. She has paired the large satchel with everything from cut-off jean shorts and heels to a maxi skirt and Converse — and she also loves to instagram it!

We love the way she re-wears her designer tote — who knew RiRi was just like us?


2 thoughts on “Rihanna’s Latest Obsession — Her New Purse

  1. Hi rihanna I must be frank with you. You are very pretty and romantic even in your songs I respect you a lot you desave a man that will love you for ever

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