Top 30 Reasons Why You Should Ditch Your Current Lover .. As Written By The Ladies

I got this one on facebook and it’s funny and it makes me wonder what women want? To the women this, if your current love portray any of these 30 acts, then you should ditch him for someone else. I personally there is any guy in this world who don’t exhibit any of these. My advice is, Ladies, Jesus is coming soon .. LOL .. Check out the ladies list below.

1.His dress sense is so 80′s
2.He is tight fisted…reject him!!thats a disease and it has no cure_FOVEVER!!!
3.A chained smoker who always has that cigarette breath.

4.Sings love story to you always but doesn’t drop the P!!!.(I don’t even know what that means)
5.He stares at everything under skirt that walks pass.*stupid womanizer*
6.wants you indoor 24/7.while he is at one spot or the other grooving.
7.He restricts you from all your friends.
8.He is goddamn BROKE_ as in broke to pieces!!!
9.He has no respect for your ladies.
10.He is a neat freak. OMG run from him,trust me you guys wont last.
11.He is quick to empty his inbox. He has a dirty skeleton. Uh huh. feel he isnt man enough….*too weak for ya*..ahhhhh hell no.
13.Always comments and admires your friends….*suspicious*
14.Never does the right things at the right time….*dumb*
15.Compares you with his exes…..*whatz that????*
16.A sex addict!!!!!!!!!run or you gunna slag and he would leave you for the firm girls.
17.A stalker,cliches you always,..imagine if he later disappoints you,and everyone already knows you guys together.*TELL HIM NOT TO STALK YOU AS LONG AS HE HASNT PUT A RING ON IT*.because he is only spoiling your show. Don’t put your eggs in one basket gurl.
18.He hits you….pack your self out of his life gurl. (Now this am all for)

19.His heart isn’t yours only*double dating*.
20.He cheats.*let him know two can play that game*
21.Calls other girls in your presence* thats disrespect*
22.Too much of a busy body.
23.Talkative….*gross,…tha ts a freak*
24.Too proud…*tell him he is pieces*
25.He is never willing to make sacrifices for the relationship.
26.He is ass crazy..*take my advice you cant hold such a man all to yourself when there are still yoruba and calabar chicks out there*
27.He is just too serious. Never cracks..
29.He is quick to remind you of your past mistakes.
30.You find out he has been in over 20 relationships and they never last long…*you would be dumb to venture into such.


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