Faruk A.K.A Razor, an enugu based singer, started music at the age of 10, and dropped his first single at 13, since then till today, faru has been on lots of song, lacing up the hook and verse of peoples songs, he was featured in with his energetic style of singing, where he have a way of fusing ragga flavour to his singing, and his massive energy, he was lately featured in the massive single by veecko kyngz, ft faruk and selebobo, faruk is sure to take over any stage with his performance, i think i have seen somebody who’s is more than terry G’s, he recently dropped 2 single of his forthcoming album, SHUT-UP and OKA NA UBE, and his delivery in this songs is mad, its something u will want to experience, faruk is a student of pub admin, in enugu, and have worked with acts like, flavournabania, veecko kyngz, spata e, selebobo, kolo.com, mr books, macroy etc.. hes actually a Christian, after the death of his long time friend “musa” he adopted the name faruk, to keep the memory of his friend alive, his stage name used to be musa.. this singles am sure u will love, and watch out for faruk, as hes poised to take-over the industry.. download and enjoy…

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