An insider has revealed to Life&Style the cossy relationship now growing between 31 year-old, beyonce and the entire JayZ household.

According to the insider:

“Kim has wanted to be friends with Beyoncé forever,”
“‘From the moment she started dating Kanye, it was her goal to hang with Bey.”
“Beyoncé thinks Kim is great for Kanye. She and Jay have never seen him this content with a girlfriend,” the “They’re a great match.” the insider added.
The girls have got on so well that Kim has been allowed to look after Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy.
“They’re really getting along well. Kim loves playing with Bey’s daughter, Blue Ivy. Kim and Beyoncé just laugh and hang out like normal girlfriends.”
 “not allowed to talk about”
“She’d be kicked out of the clique so quickly if she made any misstep,” the insider said with a shrug.
“Kim has to earn everyone’s trust. So she’s respecting Beyoncé’s privacy – and it fits in with the more private, post-divorce persona she wants anyway.” – the insider concluded.

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