A member of the duo “nakamura” which includes sheunakamura (,  mr eazi a.k.a. mr masserati or eazinakamura is said to be the “the king of the underground” in ghana.
Nigerian born, Ghana based singer, songwriter and philantropist, Eazi is set to break out from the underground. Currently working with artistes and producers like ekelly, deetunes (kukere), pweezle (atunpan the thing), elofiz, Yung6ix, atunpan amongst others, the world is waiting.
In the wake of the recent dance frenzy “azonto” acclaimed to be the biggest dance out of africa, mr eazi presents “the piipi dance” a brand of “azonto”.
Produced and feat fast rising producer “klumonsta” , this track has already found its way to radio top 10 listings in kumasi and lagos
Even as we expect a dance illustration, here is the audio. To wet our appetite.
up next from dis boys – kosere (sheunakamura, masta T, tokunbo chord & reminisce) rollacoasta (sheunakamura/mreazi/yung6ix/ekelly)

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