4 thoughts on “(MUSIC) TIMAYA – ILLUMINATI

  1. @ doomie i think timaya is a good guy that like to praise his god for the love and success he have shown him when was nobody, so that why he allways shout na chinekem ehhh, and for the rumor illuminati is not lie becus i have being where people rumor about it that timaya and dbanj with other musicians join the cult illuminati, so please dont talk as is you are envy on whot god have don to ur fellow youth becus is not easy to survive from grass 2 grace……………………….thanks

  2. Timaya u r d best,pple can criticise u especially wen u r somebody,na dem get dia mouth.bt pls don’t join illuminati cos we no wan make u die quick

  3. Why can’t this timaya guy stop making noise. He keeps talking about having money,but if he sees people who really have money he’ll be hugging the nearest transformer immediately. If his money is from any witchcraft it’s probably from the juju man in his village. Or is he interested in joining illuminati! Timaya,abeg stop inventing rumor about yourself…! (Yuck)!

    • Pls don’t hate timaya bt encourage d guy,if u make money abeg praise ur self cos its nt easy 2 make it witout stepping on pples toes if u knw wat I mean

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