Charly boy posses in a coffin( practizing to die)

Call him the oldest Nigerian celebrity that is never tired of funny and unimaginable stunts, you may not be wrong.

From an alleged kissing stunt with Denrele Edun to a reported stunt of going to one of Nigerian Idol auditions with a live python. Also was the controversial Unclad picture of Charly Boy published by few months ago.

Last month, it was a reported gay story by two national daily newspapers that trailed the Area Fada, as he is also called.

Now, this is a picture of the 60 year old grandfather where he posed in a coffin. The purpose of this pose is uncertain but is this another publicity stunt from Charly Boy by posing dead in a coffin? Or is he giving us posture’s to bury him with?


4 thoughts on “Charly boy posses in a coffin( practizing to die)

  1. He is always jovial and act as a clown (formal), but this time i think it ain’t funny because the act has a spiritual interpretation which he may or mayn’t know. Coffin, itself has a spiritual influence on human beings and i can’t imagine a living being using it as a platform to creat fun. What does he expect from the spiritual iffluence attached to it… ‘WORD-UP’

  2. Charly Boy has been & will always remain a role model to many. I once be in his house, things i saw, really impress me. Charly Boy is a controversial being.

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