Pastor rapes 11-year-old girl he accused of witchcraft

A pastor of Pentecostal church in Onitsha, Anambra state (Namewithheld) is presently cooling his heels at the Central Police Station (CPS) in Onitsha, for allegedly raping an eleven year-old girl in his church.

The pastor was said to have accused the young girl of possessing a demonic spirit and asked her mother, Mrs. Chioma Onyeji who was in the church for a spiritual program to leave the girl behind for some days in order to send away the evil spirit in her.

It was gathered that the pastor, whose church is situated at Tasia Road, Inland Town, Onitsha, was said to have told Mrs. Onyeji that her daughter would die in the next five days if she went back home with her.

Mrs Onyeji, who leaves in Asaba, Delta State, saw her daughter bleeding from her private part when she returned to pick her girl from the church.

The girl told her mother that the pastor raped her three times after spreading white cloth on the ground

The woman was said to have reported the matter to the police who immediately arrested the pastor and charged him for rape.

2 thoughts on “Pastor rapes 11-year-old girl he accused of witchcraft

  1. All these occultic men that carryout their naferious activities in d name of pastors. God’s judgment will come down swift on you. May God open our eyes and hearts to decern these cursed men from hell that take advantage of our frail human nature. Brethren “be wise as serpents”.

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