1. Really dont get it when people see talent, instead of appreciating it they jst keep beefing. Regular and co plese stop hating. The boys are just too good,that why they are on top. My boys P.Square you guys rock jorr! Who God has blessed no man can curse. Notin dey happen. Thumbs up!

  2. Pls u guys should learn 2 come up wit a new bomb 2 blow our minds plssssss,stop all this fake remix,u ve d opportunity wit konvict muzik pls use it very well en make us proud.meanwhile,kip tryin.

  3. One of the best star to do collabo with, Ricky Rozzay. p-square doin gud job men………………………….

  4. rick ross blew away psquare on this track. invasion album compressed into just one verse by rickky. america and africa no be mate anyday. i can only play rick ross verse after that nothingelse.

  5. Yo P,una ∂ξƔ F up die,y r u guys behaving like people completely out of idea?does it mean u can’t do somfin df frm d original?as in just try 2 change somfin or even get d song a bit upgraded,dis ws d same tin u guys did wen u ft Akon,una ∂ξƔ F die,abeg,u guys aint reping.

  6. There should stop all this bullshit, if there have opportunity to do a song wit an international super star, while not come up with a fresh song, imagine the way they fucked my Ricky, dance hall or hard core, honestly am not impressed

  7. Do a new song guys stop the feat on ur old songs abeg.. This to me is trash… If u guys really have run out of ideas u back down n sleep. Next thing u know now u’ll do a remix of buniye ya elu with usher raymond or maybe lil wayne..

  8. Those it mean they can’t do a fresh joint? This remix is bull fucking shit!!! Those kids r fresh out of ideas abeg… They shud go n sleep..

    • @regular or wat u called urself. Stp dat bull shit descreaming. P-square ar goin higher wit more amition in music industry k.

  9. Thank God; our niggas are now running things @ the peak. Naija boys will soon take over the world music industry.

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